Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8th grade mosaic "Summer"

Well, one mosaic of four (seasons) was done today...these have to be finished by next week (and framed) for the students to present as their parting gift to the school!!  Let's hope they make it!!  Looks like lots of lunch/recess time for 8th graders in Handwork....

They are turning out beautifully!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is anyone out there?

Is anyone even reading my blog?  I really do it for myself, but I was wondering...I've started to leave more comments on blogs I visit because I realize it is so fun to know somebody looked at your blog, so leave a comment already!

Oh, and I got full braces 6 days ago.  My students think I am the coolest!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Medieval Games banner

Medieval Games banner for the class of 2012!!!  Each schools 6th grade class makes tunics, and this is the crowning jewel, their banner!  Each student painted a square and we fused it onto the banner.  We painted the letters using a stencil, and stenciled the 2012 on the bottom.  (I sewed the banner itself in like 15 minutes...the silk fabric and all the rest only cost $6 , all on sale and with my teacher's discount at JoAnne's)  After years of trying different things, like sewing appliques, using felt...etc, this has worked out the best I think...maybe next year we could embroider the images on, but really, my class sizes are only getting bigger, so not sure if that would be a good idea or not.  It seems we are always racing to get things together before the medieval games begin, no matter how early I start the process!!

Renaissance shirts and corsetes, 7th grade

Just in time, these girls finished their hand sewn shirts and corsetes!!  The corsetes were made from old donated tee shirts  (we are getting very creative due to budget cuts all around!!).  The top picture shows putting grommets in.  Next year we will use larger grommets and I will keep an eye for short-cutters...the middle one was done correctly, but the other two took a few shortcuts, and it shows!  They should be reversible, so there is two sides, but the ladies on the sides only used one layer.  Oh well, they still turned out great, and fine for costume--they went to a Renaissance faire the next day!