Thursday, September 9, 2010

New school year

Oh my gosh, I have been so crazy busy with the start of school.  No matter how ready I think I am, as soon as classes begin I feel as though I am not ready at all!  My supplies are all a mess already...I don't have a handwork room, so everthing is always jumbled and spread out over different classrooms, I always seem to forget something, and it just leaves me scatter-brained too!

I do have an assistant this year to help me with my super-sized classes!  Whew, that is a help for sure, but it still leaves the basic problem of too many students in a handwork class.  I don't like having 3o plus students one bit.  I just can't spread myself that do the students feel?  Well, I wish I knew, I can barely spend a minute with them individually...hopefully as the year goes on, I will be able to have more one on one the meantime, I have to remember to breathe...

I am trying to decide whether to bring my personal life into this blog, not that anyone reads it...I was keeping it to just handwork, but I am feeling the need to include aspects of my life...for example, I have a 16, almost 17 year old son who after the first 2 weeks of school, in the midst of my busiest time, declares he wants to return to Waldorf education and the private waldorf high school...uh oh, just when we were almost getting a leg up on, we check it out, there is room in the junior class, and now he is in his 3rd day of waldorf high school.  (a little background, he went to 9 years of waldorf, decided on regular high school, and after two years has returned)...his books are still in his old locker at the other school !  He is loving it, and that is what matters.  He is a wonderful boy/man, so talented....and sooooooo 16.