Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sacramento Waldorf Handwork display

I visited our local private Waldorf school's open house and checked out the Handwork display...lovely work!  The weaving is a high school project, but the rest are typical lower grades stuff.  I do like the flute cases, and was inspired by the simple quilts made by 8th grade as giving projects.  The animals, usually a 6th grade project, were enormous and adorable!  I could never let my students all do different animals!  I will admit, I was very jealous in speaking with their handwork teacher to find out the class size is a quarter of mine....literally less than 10 students in a class while I have 30 plus!  Even so, I am very proud of my public waldorf charter and the work we do!  They also have a much bigger budget...thank goodness I am such a penny pincher!