Thursday, October 23, 2008

6th grade pencil pouches


I cannot believe it is not even the end of October and my students are so far in their projects! I was not prepared...they have finished projects that last year took the entire year. So, here are the projects we are working on:

5th-4 needle knitting. Hats, wrist warmers, socks. Many students are about to start their socks already! The hates and wrist warmers are beautiful. Pictures to come when I figure that out. I am new to this Blog thing, and very jealous of others beautiful pages. I'll get there! (Skills: making knitting needles, knit, purl, following a knit pattern ie. reading abreviations)

6th- Sewing...really cool coloured pencil pouches, juggling balls (to be used in thier Medieval games performance) and then a pig...later on that one...(Skills: Running stitch, blanket stitch, back stitch, embroidery, pattern making)

7th- Hand sewing...fleece hats using patterns. Aprons, dyed with sun sensitive dyes and maybe a little embroidery. (Skills: Pattern reading, backstitch, blanket stitch, basting...)

8th- Machine Sewing...they LOVE this class...PJ pants using a pattern (they have all finished already, some made two pairs of pants!)...anatomy of a sewing machine, history of the machine. Next up, woodworking. We are making a lecturn. First we will practice with carving tools on our pumpkins next week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hm, just starting out this blogg, partly to share ideas with other Handwork teachers, and partly to keep track of my classes for future use. It sometimes feels as though I am alone out there in the handwork world feeling my way through, but lately I have found so much help by others' bloggs, that I thought I should share my knowledge as well. Whatever helps us be better teachers, and understand the umportance of Handwork in any curriculum (not just Waldorf!).

This will take me some time, as I dislike being on the computer too much, and am too busy anyway, but I will try. I hope in the near future to have pictures posted, ideas listed, and tips to share!

This year I am only teaching 5th through 8th grades. I released on the first 4 to my lovely co-worker and handwork genious Dianne. We collaborate on all grades, but only are present in our own...sometimes we plan on buddying up and doing seasonal projects together, older classes with their younger buddies. (I lessened my load in order to help launch my beautiful boy into the wonders of High School, and he is thriving! More on that experience later, too!)