Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yesterday I learned that our school is, as always, in a financial crisis (next year we have an additional 75 grand cut to our school)...programs will need to be cut, funding severed, etc... I am so sad that our Foundation cannot afford to send all of us to the January and February conferences at Rudolf Steiner College. I am mostly sad because I get so much inspiration from these conferences, at a time when my own inspiration is waning. Sometimes I just need a little reminder of why I am doing what I am doing and why I like it... Being the handwork teacher is a little lonely at times, and I sure love the companionship that these conferences offer. I suppose I will have to find inspiration somewhere and somehow else !

So....on with handwork. In 7th grade we have decided to make Renaissance costumes, or at least shirts and corsettes to begin... I am using some of the ideas in these sites :


We are using just muslin...I have to watch my funds, they are running low and we still have a half year left!!!

Given the financial crisis, I have to be honest and realize my program may be cut...also, I am not sure anyway whether I will continue or not as any perk for the job seems to be taken away (conferences, smaller class size, assistants...) Oh, well, I have a little time to think on all this. I think we might make felted candle ornaments just to put some light in the day!!