Thursday, October 23, 2008

6th grade pencil pouches


I cannot believe it is not even the end of October and my students are so far in their projects! I was not prepared...they have finished projects that last year took the entire year. So, here are the projects we are working on:

5th-4 needle knitting. Hats, wrist warmers, socks. Many students are about to start their socks already! The hates and wrist warmers are beautiful. Pictures to come when I figure that out. I am new to this Blog thing, and very jealous of others beautiful pages. I'll get there! (Skills: making knitting needles, knit, purl, following a knit pattern ie. reading abreviations)

6th- Sewing...really cool coloured pencil pouches, juggling balls (to be used in thier Medieval games performance) and then a pig...later on that one...(Skills: Running stitch, blanket stitch, back stitch, embroidery, pattern making)

7th- Hand sewing...fleece hats using patterns. Aprons, dyed with sun sensitive dyes and maybe a little embroidery. (Skills: Pattern reading, backstitch, blanket stitch, basting...)

8th- Machine Sewing...they LOVE this class...PJ pants using a pattern (they have all finished already, some made two pairs of pants!)...anatomy of a sewing machine, history of the machine. Next up, woodworking. We are making a lecturn. First we will practice with carving tools on our pumpkins next week.