Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm back, kind of...

Hi everyone!  I am still here and teaching handwork!  I just have not been on top of this blog but I have so much to post and so many pictures!  Keep in touch, I will be back after I figure out some technical difficulties!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

7th Grade Marionettes

Oh, I am guilty of neglecting this Blog...part because of being busy, but mostly because I lost the connecter that allows me to download pictures from my crappy camera.  I found it! So in the next few weeks I will update the projects from this year (there is only really one week left of school!).  

I recently went for it and got a fancy smart phone, so I will be able to post on the spot....as soon as I can figure out how that works, lol...

So...here are some pictures of some needle felting from the 7th graders.  I had planned on a much more controlled project, but this took on a life of its own right from the start.  They started needle felting before I could even give instructions, as though they had been doing it all their lives (they hadn't)...and they didn't break that many needles in the process.  They also wrote and performed short sketches, which at first were supposed to be for the Kindergarten, but only one was appropriate for the little ones.  I let them have fun with it!  Here ya go:

Some of the pictures are works in progress.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inkle looming with 8th grade

First year I have tried inkle looming with students, and it's a keeper!  I have divided my 8th grade into two groups, one sewing and one inkle looming, when they are done they switch.  This was the best solution to 30 kids, no handwork room, and only enough room in the classroom to store 3 sewing machines. These small inkle looms fit right into their handwork boxes, and on nice days they can work outside so it isn't so crowded in the classroom...perfect size for portablility.

Within the next week we will begin plans for a huge mural they will make for the school!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Handwork update and Happy New Year!

Winter break has been wonderful !  It's time to review the last half of the school year and gear up for the next few months.  Here are some pictures of where we are in some of my classes.

Fourth grade crossstitch:

First time I really gave artistic freedom...these are only a few, and I will try to post all of them because they really are so creative and are really enjoying it!  Yes, we have a Giants fan...