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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Verses (first day of school 2012)

Oh my, first day of school and opening ceremonies are tomorrow!  (we have a rose ceremony where the 8th graders give a rose to the first graders, so sweet...)  Seems like yesterday my son was doing this!  Now he is off living his adventure in the big city !

Fourth grade opening verse: 

From as far as the stars,
To here where where I stand,
I come to use my right and left hand.
The things I create
Are done with great care.
My fingers to help me,
and friendship to share!

(with hand movements...)

Closing verse:

Work together,
Hands and heart.
Truth and beauty,
are never apart.

Then I say,

"Follow your heart,
in all that you think,
in all that you say,
and all that you do."

My verses for other grades include:

May our hands complete our work with patience,
May our work be done with care,
May our fingers work as friends together,
And may we our friendship share.

I have fourth through eighth grade this year...wish me luck!
Oh, and I would love love love to hear your verses you may use!!!  I am always looking for new inspiration, especially for upper grades verses!