Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One more hat !

One more hat done in 5th grade!  This student had some allergy type issues with wool, so she bought some cotton yarn, and it turned out great!  I forgot to compensate for the different yarn, so with the same pattern (it is cast on 60, divided onto 3 needles, knit in the round) it ended up a little baggy, but really was great like that!  We might weave in a little ribbon if she wants to cinch it up a bit, which would be cute too!  This is my class of 32, no helpers or volunteers, so I am pretty amazed that anyone gets anything done!  I have one student who will finish her second sock on Friday!

We are beginning a mosaic project for the 8th graders gift to the school...a huge undertaking, but do-able, right?  I wish I could do woodworking with that class, but it is too big and there are not enough supplies and I have exhausted my handwork funds for the year!

Monday, February 1, 2010

PJ pants and Renaisance shirts !

Well, here it is February!  Rain has made the last couple of weeks crazy at school, the kids were getting cabin fever, not to mention the mud from shoes on the floor, something that drives me mad!!  Anyhoo, sun was here for the weekend and today, but looks like cloudy skies are back tomorrow.  One day last week I went out during a sunny break and had handwork out on the blacktop playground!

Here are a couple of finished PJ pants made by some proud 8th graders!

Also, the first finished hand stitched Renaissance shirt from 7th grade!  Next for this student will be a hand stitched corsette to go overtop, made from an old T shirt.

Anyone need a handwork teacher?  I feel the budget might cut me right out of a job!