Tuesday, August 30, 2011

singer sewing machine


just love these old adds....seems kinda pricey for those days.  Love the husband sitting around reading the paper while his wife happily sews away!  lol....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Animated Sewing Machine

Wow, while reviewing the history of the sewing machine to teach my 8th grade, I came upon this which really is great to understand how a sewing machine works...but alas, we do not use videos in a Waldorf methods school, but I think between my drawings and our "Human Sewing Machine" , plus taking a machine apart, they get it....

pretty cool!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of 2011-12

Oh boy, here we go again!

Probably one of the best opening rose ceremonies yet!  Our new music teacher had faculty and staff singing an African song in 4 parts, and we all came up to the front like a flash mob at the beginning...it was pretty cool, ya had to be there!

I did have one class today, 5th grade.  We just talked about our Summers, I gave them the skinny on the year, then we had some free time...some still had their cross stitch from last year, and were working on those--how fabulous!
What we will be doing in 5th:
 *Last minute addition of pencil roll ups, something we do in 6th grade, but the class has a need, so here we go first thing...pencil roll ups.
 *Dyeing our wool for hats...next week in small groups while others are sewing pencil roll ups.
 *Refresher in knitting and purling and casting on...most should remember, this was a great knitting group.
 *Hats, wrist warmers, socks.
 *Later we will get an old fleece they harvested and card, dye and drop spindle spin it!  I am hopefull to make rock drop spindles...the school has some of the regular kind, but I like the idea of walking down to the river, finding their rock, spinning, then returning that rock.  This may happen in Nov or Dec, we shall see.
 *For those high achievers, or those who are just frustrated with knitting but tried their best, we will crochet a little at the end....it seemed to be all the rage with last year's 5th at the end of the year, so why not?!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Verses dilemma !!!

Ugh, I am so tired of the old handwork verses I have been using, but cannot seem to come up with anything original or even already existing poems or songs....

 I would love to have a song for opening verse...mostly for upper grades....the verses I am trying to change are for 5th grade and up... Ideas anybody??

We start school this week, all my supplies are in disarray and underneath another teacher's supplies who cannot get into his classroom due to the flooring finnish curing...we are both very anxious about it!  Oh well, it will be what it will be and we may just start a little late...

Here are some more pictures of the process for the cement bird bath!  So fun!  :

Until then, I will continue my search for verses...