Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper maiche marionettes

I am just loving how these are turning out!  We mixed up a paper mache "clay" that uses toilet paper, joint compound, linseed oil, and flour, and it is very moldable and durable, can be sanded or drilled like we are using it to form the feet for our marionettes.  I'll include the recipe later, I left it at school and can't remember it by heart, but it is very easy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

6th grade medieval games tunics

Here are some 6th grade tunics in the process...we use freezer paper to put on the shield, then paint in gold acrylic.  Each student creates his/her coat of arms.

8th grade birdbath

The 8th grade has decided to make "gifts for the garden" as their parting gift to the school.  We are experimenting with cement to make a leaf print birdbath...the first one cracked, the next one looks great!  We are learning from mistakes...they will each make a leaf print stepping stone.  We used an artichoke leaf for the first and second one...we learned to make cement patties, like hamburger patties, then piece them together on top of the leaf...the first one we just globbed on and it was all uneven and cracked...I'll take a picture of the second one tomorrow when we turn it over.

The bowl is made by heaping play sand under the leaf, covered by plastic, of course...then the leaf face down, then the cement, then covered in plastic and DON'T TOUCH IT for at least 3 days, then turn over and let cure more, spritzing with water, or I just hold it under the faucet, then put back...we possibly will make a mosaic stand if time permits, but we are really getting down to the wire!!!