Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inkle looming with 8th grade

First year I have tried inkle looming with students, and it's a keeper!  I have divided my 8th grade into two groups, one sewing and one inkle looming, when they are done they switch.  This was the best solution to 30 kids, no handwork room, and only enough room in the classroom to store 3 sewing machines. These small inkle looms fit right into their handwork boxes, and on nice days they can work outside so it isn't so crowded in the classroom...perfect size for portablility.

Within the next week we will begin plans for a huge mural they will make for the school!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Handwork update and Happy New Year!

Winter break has been wonderful !  It's time to review the last half of the school year and gear up for the next few months.  Here are some pictures of where we are in some of my classes.

Fourth grade crossstitch:

First time I really gave artistic freedom...these are only a few, and I will try to post all of them because they really are so creative and are really enjoying it!  Yes, we have a Giants fan...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wet felting slippers with 7th grade

Wet felting with 7th grade.
Wowee, these kids are amazing and fun and loud and kooky and all the things you could imagine from a 7th grade.  I decided to wet felt slippers with about 30 7th graders at the same time in a classroom with one tiny sink ... and it has been fun and a real learning experience...I have never done this before, so I am learning quite a bit.  It has been fun, frustrating, soapy, stressful, loud, impressive, and more.  I think they really have enjoyed it thus far, but at this point I think they are learning mindfulness and not rushing ahead as some are not turning out the way they should, but no fear...patches, needdle felting, sewing will fix all that in the end.  Like we always tell them "If you can't fix it, feature it"!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Awe, look at this two headed dragon!  These 6th graders really were so inspired this year...and I was totally "hands off" and let them do whatever they wanted, and look what happened!  

At our school we call Michaelmas "courage day", so no-one mistakes the day for something religious since we are a public charter school, and although it is not, we have to be careful I guess...silly really.  The day begins with the 2nd grade doing the St. George and the Dragon play, the 6th graders play the part of the dragon as well as make the dragon (it is very cute, they are also class buddies, the 2nd and 6th grade, so it works out so well!)

It was a super hot day, near 100 degrees!  After the play, the whole school participates in 
"Courage day" festivities, where we have various feats of courage...pretty fun, but oh so hot!

After our play, I went over the Sacramento Waldorf School to watch their Michaelmas play, always a treat to see what the parents and children of the 6th grade come up with for their dragon!
This one was fire breathing!

Well, I need to muster the courage to slay some personal dragons, but it is just too darn hot in these parts!  That will have to wait for cooler weather, even the dragons are seeking cooler places....
Happy Fall !

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost Michaelmas

Well, things are heating up...literally it is going to 100 degrees this weekend in Sacramento!  The last weeks have been in the 90's, and it is getting difficult to believe it is fall...it is making the natives restless!

It is time for change and introspection, but the weather is not cooperating!  

The first two months of a handwork teacher's year are so very stressful...be nice to your handwork teachers, they work really really really hard....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Biodynamic Gardening


Did I mention I have added another 4 classes in Biodynamic Gardening?  I am helping Farmer Jim with 5 thru 8 one day a week, transforming our garden into a place of beauty!  I love this day!  I get to be out in the sunshine, get dirty, and enjoy the kids in a different environment.  These pics were from the 8th grade, who harvested and gave it to the kindergarten for soup, and their big job is the enormous compost pile!
They wanted to eat the carrots so badly, but it was a good exercise on giving...

Friday, September 7, 2012

8th grade quilt

Remember that quilt we made last year as a wall hanging for the school, but I never took a picture of the finished product?  Well, here she is in all her glory...the pic is taken at an angle because it is hung on the stage which is at the moment storage for all kinds of stuff, so this is the closest I could get.  You can see where some squares never made it, but it still is pretty awsome...